Teacher Traning Courses at Bloomsbury International
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Student Testimonials

"All is going well here in Taiwan, our daughter Hana was born 2 months ago, and I am already working part time in a high school teaching their after school English club.

Matt, qualified in December 2011


"I thought I’d let you know that I have my first teaching role starting in July at the University of C…! I’m thrilled and cannot wait to start.

Dave, qualified in March 2012


"Before coming to this course, I have always felt that teaching adult learners was a more solemn affair. It had never occurred to me that a teacher could really use games with adults. However, I have had the privilege of experiencing fun and enjoyable lessons with adult learners. Games, when adapted appropriately, will reap positive outcomes with adults and even reinforce the language point taught during the lesson.

Joyce, August 2012


"I’m taking far more away from this course than was expected. It’s not been an easy course at all, but it has definitely been worth the effort… Before the course, I was unsure whether I really wanted to be a teacher, and enrolled in the course to help ‘find out’. I now know that being in front of a class of eager students is something that I definitely enjoy, and when I am confident with my knowledge about the topic I am teaching then I excel and thrive in the environment. Before the course I thought I might use teaching as a way of travelling and seeing different countries. Now I see teaching, be it in English or something else, as a complete career change. I definitely enjoy the interaction with people.

Cory, August 2012


"Over the past four weeks of the TESOL course, I have learnt many useful things: my abilities and capacities as a teacher, the value of working with my peers and colleagues as we all learn from and teach each other, and what skills I need to work on in my own teaching. The whole experience of teaching was completely invaluable, and I am very happy with what I have gained from it.

Peter, August 2012


"As I am writing this reflection on my four weeks’ teacher training, I am reading back over my first lesson plans, the observations of my peers and the accompanying feedback, and realising how far we have all come. I now feel that the information I need to become a teacher has started to take root and now only needs a chance to be put into practice.

Amy, August 2012

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